The Bonnie’s Bus Program was established by a donation from Ben & Jo Statler to honor Jo’s mother, Bonnie Wells Wilson.  Bonnie lived in a rural area of West Virginia with no access to screening mammography & died of breast cancer in 1992.  Jo wanted to assure that all West Virginia women have access to life-saving screening mammograms for early detection of breast cancer.

Since 2009, ongoing support has allowed Bonnie’s Bus to provide 13,235 screening mammograms to women from all 55 West Virginia counties.

It’s always sunny on Bonnie’s Bus!


The Strollin Colon is a 10 foot by 12 foot inflatable colon.  The structure shows what a healthy colon looks like as well as what it looks like when cancer is present. The Strollin’ Colon is a way to make an embarrassing topic more accessible and easier to talk about in the community.


Volunteers Stacy Meeks, Shawn Tipton & Dr. Jim Comerci, along with Amanda Cummins & WHR Nursing Staff  join Kelsey Atkinson from Aetna to provide Health & Well Woman screenings.