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About Wheeling Health Right

Wheeling Health Right believes that every person, no matter their economic status should have access to quality and compassionate health care services.

Wheeling Health Right serves 27,000 medically underserved, uninsured or under-insured people in 6 surrounding counties of Wheeling, West Virginia.

Our clinic provides free comprehensive medical care and pharmaceuticals to Ohio Valley patients in need. Wheeling Health Right promotes wellness by offering educational coaching on Disease Prevention and Behavior Modifications that can lead to living a healthier life.


Our History & Leadership

Wheeling Health Right has a deep history of helping the community and many individuals that helped bring our vision to reality.

Our History

Learn more about our how Wheeling Health Right was started and grew into the successful non-profit we see today.


It takes dedication and commitment to ensure Wheeling Health Right remains successful and effective. Learn more about our leadership team.

More About Wheeling Health Right

Together We Help Those in Need

Who We Help

Our non-profit serves people of all ages who are uninsured and medically underserved.


Wheeling Health Right offers health care, prescription, dental, and mental health.

Board Members

With the help of our supportive board, we bring free healthcare to the Ohio Valley.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do you qualify to be a Wheeling Health Right Patient?
In order to qualify for free health care services, you cannot qualify for assistance through Medicaid, do not qualify for Veterans Admisinstraoin, do not have existing health care, and must be located in Brooke, Ohio, Marshall, Wetzel, Tyler County (WV) or Belmont County (OH)
What proof of identify and income do I need to provide?
You must have a valid Photo ID and proof of income (1040, 1040A, 4506-T, 1099 Benefits Statement, W-2, Pay Stubs for One Month).
Are there age requirements?
The agency serves people of all ages who meet current federal poverty guidelines, and do not qualify for assistance through Medicaid, Veterans Administration, or an existing health insurance plan.
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