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Thank you for your interest in volunteering at Wheeling Health Right. Volunteers are always needed and welcomed at the clinic. Our volunteers give countless hours of their time and talents providing services that range from foot surgery to plumbing.

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Volunteering at Wheeling Health Right

When you volunteer, you give part of yourself-your time, energy, skills, and feelings. You give to your family and friends, to your neighbors, to your community. Sometimes, you are giving to people you don’t know – to people thousands of miles away.

Giving is one of the reasons why people volunteer. Their contributions to others and to their communities bring them feelings of self-fulfillment and the knowledge that they have made a difference.

Volunteering is also a way of saying thank you. It’s a way of recognizing the countless others who, in big ways and small, have made life richer and better through donations of time and effort. But there is more to volunteering than giving. As a volunteer, you also reap personal benefits and enhance your personal growth.
We look forward to working with you to deliver Wheeling Health Rights mission to provide critical healthcare to those in need.

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