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Our Mobile Primary Care Clinic represents a novel approach to healthcare delivery, serving as a roving primary care clinic that bridges the gap for communities where access to traditional medical facilities may be limited. By traveling directly to patients in various counties across West Virginia, this mobile unit ensures that essential healthcare services are brought to the doorsteps of those in need.

Our mobile clinic embodies a commitment to patient accessibility and convenience, providing an array of medical services on a predictable monthly schedule.


What is the Mobile Unit?

The Mobile Primary Care Clinic is a healthcare initiative that functions as a movable medical center, which takes essential primary care services to various locations, specifically targeting regions where access to healthcare facilities might be challenging. This mobile unit is part of a broader effort by Wheeling Health Right to deliver healthcare to underserved communities, ensuring that even those living in remote or less accessible areas have the opportunity to receive quality medical attention. The clinic operates on a scheduled basis, traveling to predetermined sites within West Virginia, including Brooke, Ohio, Marshall, and Wetzel Counties, providing a dependable healthcare option for residents.

The mobile clinic is fully staffed with qualified medical professionals, including certified nurse practitioners, nurses, a physician, and social services support staff. They offer a range of services that one would expect from a primary care provider, such as preventive care, disease management, treatment for various health conditions, vaccinations, and health education. Additionally, they provide referrals to specialists and physical therapy, testing and treatment for STDs, and support group connections, encompassing a holistic approach to patient health and well-being.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be a registered patient to receive care from the Mobile Clinic?
Yes, you need to be a registered patient with Wheeling Health Right, but registration can also be done on-site at the Mobile Clinic.
Is there a set schedule for the Mobile Clinic's location visits?
Yes, there is a schedule which can be obtained by contacting their office or checking their social media platforms.
Are appointments required to visit the Mobile Clinic?
Yes, appointments are required, but there may be opportunities for walk-ins for registration or for existing patients.
What type of medical staff can I expect to find at the Mobile Clinic?
The clinic is staffed by certified nurse practitioners, nurses, a physician, and social services support staff.
How frequently does the Mobile Clinic visit each location?
The clinic visits each location once a month under the current schedule.
Can the Mobile Clinic handle emergency situations?
No, the Mobile Clinic is not equipped for emergency or urgent care services.
How long is a typical appointment at the Mobile Clinic?
Appointments typically last between 30 to 60 minutes.
What services does the Mobile Clinic offer?
The clinic offers a wide range of services, including prescriptions (without the ability to fill or deliver), vaccinations, treatment for medical conditions, preventive care, referrals to specialists, STD testing and treatment, educational programs, and more.
Can the Mobile Clinic prescribe and fill prescriptions?
The clinic can prescribe medications, but it cannot fill or deliver prescriptions.
How do I schedule an appointment with the Mobile Clinic?
Appointments can be scheduled by calling 304-233-9323.

Services Offered at Mobile Unit

• We can prescribe but we cannot fill or deliver prescriptions
• Vaccinations by appointment
• Treatment for medical conditions
• Preventive care services
• Referrals to specialists
• Referrals to Physical therapy
• STD testing and treatment
• Educational programs/workshops
• Chronic disease management assistance
• Substance abuse Referrals
• Referrals to Support groups
• Sports Physicals
• Limited employment physicals
• Requesting medical supplies/equipment
Mobile Primary Care Clinic Schedule

Locations & Schedule

Ohio County
17th Street Wheeling Clinic Parking Lot
(1st Thursday of the month)

Brooke County
Dollar General 125-7th St. Wellsburg, WV 26070
(3rd Thursday of month)

Marshall County
Moundsville Pharmacy 118 Lafayette Ave, Moundsville WV. 26041
(2nd Thursday of the month)

Wetzel County
New Martinsville Pharmacy, 193WV-2S New Martinsville WV 26155
(4th Thursday of the Month)

Available to Qualifying Residents of the Ohio Valley

Programs at Wheeling Health Right

Social Services

Social Services assists patients in applying for needed benefits. This includes Disability, Medicaid, Food Stamps, Utility Assistance, Vocational Rehabilitation and other needed benefits.

Family Planning

Family planning services are provided including counseling and medication.

Individual and Group Counseling

Groups include Anxiety, Depression, Addiction Recovery, Stress Management and Grief Counseling.

Dental Clinic

Local Dentists and WVU Dental Students provide dental services to Wheeling Health Right patients.  In order to receive dental services, you must establish with a Wheeling Health Right Primary Care Provider.  No outside PCP will be accepted.

Health Education

Our health educators provide one-on-one and group programs relating to all health education needs. Groups include smoking cessation, healthy lifestyle, diabetic education, cooking schools, etc.

Breast and Cervical Cancer Screening

Breast and cervical cancer screening is very important for uninsured and underinsured women. Early detection is critical in the treatment of these two cancers.

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